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Throughout It’s Your World, I suggest different websites you can visit if you want to learn more about a particular challenge or a particular solution addressed in the book. I thought it might be helpful to have all of them listed in one place, which is why I compiled this list, grouping together websites by chapter. While conducting research for It’s Your World, I drew on many more resources than are listed in the book, and I include some, though not all, of those here too. If there are sites you find particularly useful when thinking about the topics I talk about in the book, please let me know and I’ll consider adding them to the list of resources. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


Links to resources by chapter

$1.25 a Day: Poverty Around the World
Organizations that Help Fight Poverty

Global Information Sources

$32 a Day: Poverty in America
Organizations that Fight Homelessness

Organizations that Fight Hunger
wastenofood .org

Organizations that Promote Entrepreneurship

Information Sources about Poverty in the U.S.

Time for School
Organizations Working to Increase Access to Education

Organizations that Help People with Disabilities Be Able to Go to School

Information Sources on Education Around the World

Information about Work Rules for Kids in the U.S.

We’re Not There Yet: Gender Equality
Organizations that Promote Equal Rights for Women and Girls

Organizations that Specifically Promote STEM

Additional Information on Rights and Opportunities for Girls

Staying Healthy
Organizations Focused on Heart Health

Organizations Focused on Cancer

Organizations Focused on Healthier Eating

Organizations Focused on Smoking (and Stopping Smoking!)

Organizations Focused on Mental Health and Anti-Bulling

Additional Health Resources

Viruses and Vaccines
Organizations that Help Fight Infectious Diseases

Health Information Resources

Bugs and Bacteria
Places to Play Games

Organizations that Work to Improve World Health

Too Close to Gone: Endangered Species
Information about Specific Animals Discussed in It’s Your World

Information about Parks

Information about Endangered Species

And one more site where you can launch a petition to raise awareness or advocate for a change in any area you feel drawn