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Meet Alex and learn about how and why he started Brickshare!

When Alex was six, he realized that every time he finished a LEGO® set, there were always leftover pieces. He declided to collect his extra pieces—and extra pieces from other kids—to donate to kids whose parents couldn’t afford to buy LEGO sets. Alex calls his effort Brickshare, and he’s already given lots and lots of LEGO bricks away, all to kids whose families are living in local shelters, so that those kids can play, build and imagine, regardless of where they are or might be sleeping. He organizes events, Brickbots Drives, where kids can build LEGO sets called Brickbots out of the donated LEGO bricks. He then donates those Brickbots to other organizations that support thousands of homeless kids in his community. You could start a similar effort in your community or support Alex’s efforts by mailing LEGO bricks directly to him or donating money to buy full LEGO sets. You can find more information on how to do both at