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Meet Haile and learn more about how she ended up cooking healthy food on The Rachael Ray Show!

When Haile was seven, her dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and Haile found out that a healthy diet was one way to help her dad’s disease become less serious—or maybe even go away altogether. So she was determined to learn how to cook healthy food for him. Today, Haile is fourteen years old and loves creating easy-to-make, inexpensive and yummy meals for herself and her family. And through exercise and diet, particularly Haile’s healthy meals, her dad’s health has improved and he’s managed to control his diabetes. Beyond her family, Haile is working to help other kids become healthy influences and cooks in their own homes and schools. She’s even trying to make vacations healthier—she’s worked with Hyatt Hotels on making their kids’ meals more nutiritious (and tastier). I had the privilege of joining Haile on The Rachael Ray Show a couple of years ago, where she taught me how to make a delicious blueberry peach quinoa crumble. To learn more about Haile’s story—and her recipes—you can visit