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Meet Isaac and learn more about the organization he started called Game Changers Tackling Hunger.

Every morning on his way to school in nearby
 Shreveport, Isaac noticed kids who looked—and were—hungry. He went on a 4-H tour of a local food bank and saw almost-empty shelves. Isaac knew he wanted to fight hunger in his community, in part by helping food banks and other places hungry people went for food to always have full shelves. He started off supplying local homeless shelters with beef from his family’s farm. Soon, he wanted to do more, so he founded Game Changers Tackling Hunger. Over time, Isaac recruited thousands of people—classmates, 4-H club members, other farmers, city leaders and more—to donate food and organize it into boxes that could be given to families and to replenish the shelves at the local food bank. Feeding America is a great place to find local food banks and food pantries where you know your donations of money or food are going to families in need in your community. And it’s where you can find partners if you want to start a program like Isaac’s. To learn more, visit and type in your zip code.