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Meet Marquis and learn how he is working to improve his community!


In 2008, upon completing a financial literacy workshop in his neighborhood, Marquis Snowden who was only a 4th grade student at the time, was inspired to organize a weekly lemonade stand with his friends and raised over $1,100 to help with the purchase of a climbing wall for the kindergarten students at his elementary school.

The following year, Marquis was quite saddened when he learned that due to drastic budget cuts at his school district (Lemon Grove, CA), he was not going to be able to attend the 6th grade summer camp. Inspired by his previous fundraising efforts, he took on a new challenge to raise enough funds so not only his classmates but also the entire 6th grade class in his school district could attend the 2010 summer camp. Marquis’ tireless efforts eventually enabled a small group of students to enjoy the 8th grade trip to Washington DC in 2011.

In 2012, The Association of Fundraising Professionals (San Diego Chapter) honored Marquis as an Outstanding Youth/Student Volunteer during the National Philanthropy Day.

In 2013, Marquis established the NewComers Investment Club in his neighborhood to engage community youth to invest in the future of their community. He has required all potential club members to complete financial literacy workshops prior to joining.

Marquis continues to take an active role in improvement of his community and beyond.

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